How to set up Sincroaventura in Pokémon GO for Android and iOS

Just a few weeks ago, Niantic announced on its official website that they were going to launch a new feature for Pokémon GO called Sincroaventura . The idea of ​​this option was to synchronize the data of Google Fit in Android and Health in iOS so that the steps taken with the closed game had face to get candies and open eggs . This function, they said, would come in a short time, and if we are writing this, it is because that time has passed.

Sincroaventura is available to all users of both operating systems, so let’s see how to activate it . We already told you that the process is really simple and that it will not take you more than a minute of your time. Let’s go to the point.

To activate Sincroaventura on Android you need to have Google Fit , the Google health application. You can download it for free from Google Play. Once you have done it and you have logged in with your account, you simply have to open Pokémon GO and follow the following steps :

  1. Click on the Pokéball icon.
  2. Access the settings (first option on the top right).
  3. Select Sincroaventura.
  4. It will tell you that you want to access Google Fit data, so choose the account you want to use, preferably the one you use in the game.
  5. Give him the necessary permits.

Sincroaventura Android

From now on, Sincroaventura will be activated in your account and all the steps taken at the end of the day will count in your total computation. Of course, Pokémon GO will continue to operate as a background servicethat, in theory, should not consume too much battery. If you had a problem, with repeating the steps and deactivating Sincroaventura you would have more than enough.

Sincroaventura iOS

In iOS you do not need to download any external application since Salud comes pre-installed on all the iPhone . So, all you have to do is follow the same steps as before, namely:

  1. Open Pokémon GO and click on the Pokéball icon.
  2. Access the settings.
  3. Select Sincroaventura.
  4. The health application will open. In theory, allowing the options “Walking distance / running” and “Steps” is more than enough, but activate the ones you want.
  5. Continue and allow Pokémon GO to use the location even when it is closed.

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