Pikachu wearing Ash’s cap returns to Pokémon GO

Using the instant Go function

We get a new piece of news related to Pokémon GO . As we arrive on April 1 in various parts of the world, it has been shared that if we take Augmented Reality (AR) photos with the GO Instant feature after midnight on April 1, instead of appearing in the Smeargle photo (remember that it appeared from time to time in this mode), now an image of Ash or Pikachu with the hat of Ash will appear and said Pokémon can be captured.

These are the data you have shared:

  • Return of Pikachu with Ash hat, since it was available for the last time more than a year ago.
  • It can be done 5 times.
  • There are multiple reports that the Pikachu found here may be variously colored the first time it appears, although for the moment it has not been confirmed.

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