Pokémon GO announces that Deoxys form defense will be in the EX raids

Pokémon GO adds and continues . The augmented reality application based on the famous Nintendo franchise continues to update with new features to keep its large mass of players . If he recently announced the return of Rayquaza for a limited time and unveiled his new event, entitled ‘Legendary Lunch Time’ , the work of Niantic has announced that Deoxys form defense will be in the EX raids .

The star work of Niantic, company that has already offered the first details of its upcoming game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , has announced that Deoxys form defense will be in the EX raids of Pokémon GO , through an official statement . The DNA Pokémon, which previously tested the strength of the coaches in the EX raids, has changed form .

Deoxys form defense will be in the EX raids of the star work of Niantic with a more implacable defenses than ever , as the statement says. The Pokémon DNA of psychic type will be available in the augmented reality application from next March 25 .

The Psychic type Pokémon will be available from March 25

If a user is new to the raids, the team responsible for Pokémon GO has also confirmed that, in that case, players will receive an EX raid pass when they win an incursion into a Gym that awards such passes. You can know what gyms celebrate an EX raid thanks to a label that is present in the details of the Gym .

In addition, the EX raid passes indicate both the date and the time when the coaches will be able to challenge Deoxys defense form . Combat against this Pokémon is a complicated task, so Pokémon GO recommends the coaches to go to battle with a friend .

It should be remembered that invitations can only be sent to an ultra friendship or friendship without equal . This is a good opportunity to capture this Pokémon and complete the PokéDex. As always, do not forget to be on alert while playing Pokémon GO to avoid any kind of danger and not to disturb others.

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