Pokémon Go: A dangerous bug eliminates dozens of high-level accounts

It is a problem that has been happening for months, but now there have been more cases than ever

Pokémon Go

A few months ago, Niantic began to report some players with high profile profiles that claimed that his account had “disappeared” . At first they were a couple of isolated cases, but the problem has been growing in size and the numbers of accounts eliminated are beginning to be worrisome. As it seems, this bug only affects high level accounts , which is the worst case really, because they are profiles that have been dedicated many hours.

The bug has directly “deleted” the account of many users. When players log in as they would always do, there is a message that there is a problem with the account and the connection has been lost. Worst of all ?, because Niantic does not know why it happens, and can not ensure that the problems are not irreversible . Come on, if your account disappears, there is no guarantee that you will recover it.

No solution in sight

Being this something more than an isolated phenomenon at this point, we hope that Niantic reacts and dedicates more resources to discover the reason of this dangerous and devastating bug. Worst of all, there is nothing we can do to avoid it , because we do notknow the cause directly. If you are one of those players who have dedicated a good bunch of hours to Pokémon Go, luck, we hope it does not happen to you.

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