Pokémon GO: This has surprised more than one trainer, two new legendaries have arrived

Users have leaked two new images that reveal the early arrival of two legendary in the region Sinnoh in Pokémon GO , as these creatures have been used at the time of “testing” the new mode PvP that will create Niantic , Dating Coach .

At the beginning of December, Niantic announced the Coach Meetings , days later the company invited youtubers and specialized press to try out this new game mode in Pokémon GO . This caused images to be filtered of what the PvP would look like in the augmented reality game.

In the first filtered images of the PvP we saw three creatures that were not in Pokémon GO , but in the codes of the game, as is the case of Garchomp and Smeargle, Regigigas was also, which filled all the coaches with emotion.

However, it makes instants users have shared new images that show two PvP combats between creatures that are not available in Pokémon GO so far, Dialga and Palkia , legendary pokémon of the fourth generation .



This has surprised more than one trainer, since with these new images there are five creatures, not available, that have been part of the Trainer Encounters . In addition, this increases the hype of all users because Cresselia will leave the Level 5 raids on December 18 and to be replaced by these legendary, fans of the augmented reality game could have the dragon trio in Pokémon GO .

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