Pokémon GO: New Update brings the “Lucky friends”

The Niantic title adds a new search filter to find those Pokémon that have some kind of accessory. Available now on Android.

Niantic has updated Pokémon GO with two minor novelties . The patch, which is available for download on Android and hopes to iOS in the coming days, added the so – called ” Friends hopefully ” ( Lucky Friends ) alongside a new search filter to quickly identify the Pokémon in disguise.

The first thing that makes friends with Friendship Without Equal (those with whom we have exchanged gifts for at least 90 days) can become Friends with Luck . The Lucky Friends will be guaranteed that the next exchange they make will result in a lucky Pokémon .

Regarding the new filter in the search for Pokémon, the two key words to find them are: ” costume ” and ” costume “. When we enter these characters will appear immediately those creatures that wear a costume.

The last thing that is reported in this update is the usual notice of error correction and bug removal. As we said at the beginning of the news, iOS players will have to wait a few days.

On the eve of starting the month of April, it should be remembered that from April 2 to 9 will be the time of “bichear” with the new event that will increase the frequency of appearance of Pokémon of Bicho type. At the same time, on March 30 we will have Lotad as the main focus of the new research tasks from 11: 00h to 20: 00h (CET). Finally, the Community Day of this next month in Pokémon GO will take place on April 13 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (CET) with Bagon as the protagonist .

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