How to get a Swinub with perfect IVs in Pokemon GO

Niantic will  celebrate the new day of the community next February 16th. If you have celebrated other times this marked day, you will know that it is characterized, among other things, because a Pokémon appears more easily. This time, it will be Swinub , the ice and land type Pokémon of the second generation, the protagonist.

Maybe by then you want to know how to get a perfect Swinub IVs , that is, some values ​​that affect the final statistics of the Pokémon in question and that differentiate it from the rest of its species. If these are the best, we are facing a Pokémon with the greatest potential, which, of course, will determine each bout and, in addition, will save us time and dust spent in others with less potential. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to get a Swinub with perfect IVs in Pokémon GO .

How to get a Swinub with perfect IVs in Pokémon GO

An important indication that we are facing a  perfect Swinub is the amount of PC. The following amounts may indicate that it is a creature with perfect ivs :

  • 10
  • 32
  • 55
  • 77
  • 99
  • 122
  • 144
  • 167
  • 189
  • 211
  • 232
  • 254
  • 275
  • 296
  • 317
  • 338
  • 359
  • 381
  • 402
  • 423
  • 444
  • 465
  • 486
  • 508
  • 529
  • 550
  • 571
  • 592
  • 614
  • 635
  • 645
  • 656
  • 666
  • 677
  • 688

Now, you have to know that the above is not a reliable scale, so, in addition to assessing the Pokémon, we recommend that you use websites or applications to verify that, really, it is a perfect Swinub . For this, you can use pages like The Silphroad or applications like Calcy IV .


Now you know how to get a Swinub with perfect IVs in Pokémon GO . If you need more help, you have at your disposal our Pokémon GO guides , and community day of February 13 to make the most of the event.

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