Pokémon GO: How to get 10 Sinnoh stones during Community Day

Niantic will  celebrate the community’s new day on February 16. A day in which Pokémon GO  coaches  can take to go out and enjoy a number of advantages just by playing the successful game of Niantic for mobile.

In addition to being able to get a larger amount of wild Swinub , players can win up to 10 Sinnoh stones  during the event. It is a very useful stone that allows several Pokémon species of the fourth generation to evolve. Due to its importance, in this guide we are going to tell you how to get 10 Sinnoh stones during the Community Day in Pokémon GO .

How to get 10 Sinnoh stones during Community Day in Pokémon GO

As reported by Niantic, all players who challenge team leaders and participate in Coach fights during the next Community Day , can get up to 10 Sinnoh stones . Therefore, to get the valuable stones, you only have to challenge and participate in combats of Coach.

If you can not challenge friends to coach fights, you can also challenge friends to team leaders. It does not matter if you win or lose, you will get a stone as well (make sure you have space in your inventory).

What pokémon can evolve with Sinnoh stones?

You can use the Sinnoh stones to evolve a total of about 20 4th generation Pokémon (with pokémon from previous generations). Remember, that you will need 100 candies in each evolution, apart from the Sinnoh stone. These are some of those that you can evolve:

  • Aipom evolves in Ambipom
  • Dusclops evolves in Dusknoir
  • Electabuzz evolves in Electivire
  • Gligar evolves in Gliscor
  • Lickytung evolves in Lickilicky
  • Kirlia (male) evolves in Gallade
  • Magmar evolves in Magmortar
  • Misdreavus evolves in Mismagius
  • Murkow evolves in Honchkrow
  • Rhydon evolves in Rhyperior
  • Porygon2 evolves in Porygon-Z
  • Roselia evolves in Roserade
  • Sneasel evolves in Weavile
  • Snorunt (female) evolves in Froslass
  • Togetic evolves in Togekiss
  • Tangela evolves in Tangrowth
  • Yanma evolves in Yanmega

Now you know  how to get 10 Sinnoh stones during Community Day in Pokémon GO. If you need more help, you have at your disposal our  Pokémon GO guides , and the  day of the community on February 16  so you can make the most of the event and get a Swinub with perfect IVs .

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