Lunar New Year in Pokémon GO: all the details of the event

Pokémon GO is one of the Android applications with more active players, so from Niantic they are constantly updating the game. If recently incorporated new Fourth Generation creatures and readjusted the combats of Coach and Raids ; the augmented reality title has announced its event to celebrate the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year .

Through a statement on its official website , the Pokémon GO team has confirmed the event to celebrate the Year of the Pig . The star work of Niantic has announced the Lunar New Year event of Pokémon GO , which is already underway and which will highlight, above all, 12 different Pokémon .

Pokémon GO celebrates the Year of the Pig with an event

But they are not the only news that incorporates the successful augmented reality application to celebrate the Year of the Pig, and is that coaches can also find a Spood variocolor , if they are lucky. In the same way, the team of the game based on the Nintendo franchise has also released a series of bonuses for this new event.

Players will get double XP for capture and for evolving a pocket monster . Also, when exchanging a Pokémon, there will be a greater chance that it will become a Pokémon with luck . Those responsible for the title also want players to have great health, luck and well-being during this Lunar New Year.

As always, remember to be alert to your surroundings while enjoying Pokémon GO to avoid dangers and not disturb others.

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