‘Pokemon Go’ Adds New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go is adding a new Legendary Pokemon to cap off 2018.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go confirmed that the Legendary Pokemon Heatran would be added to the game starting at 1 PM PT on December 18th. Heatran is a Fire/Steel-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Heatran replaces Cresselia, a Legendary Psychic-type Pokemon that appeared in the game in late November. Heatran’s addition continues the slow rollout of “Gen 4” Pokemon, which is expected to continue well into 2019. With the addition of Heatran, Pokemon Go still has five other Legendary Pokemon, plus two Mythical Pokemon, and an alternate Legendary Pokemon form to add to the game.

Heatran is expected to become a top-tier Fire-type attacker, with Attack stats on part with Moltres and with higher Defense stats and few weaknesses. The Pokemon’s CP is on par with Metagross and Salamance, but its relative lack of weaknesses will make it a great attacker in most situations.

If you’re planning on challenging Heatran in gyms, make sure you bring a team with Ground-type attacks. Heatran has a double weakness against Ground-type moves, so Pokemon like Groudon and Rhyperior are your best bet in a Raid battle. Fighting-type and Water-type Pokemon also have an advantage against Heatran.

Heatran will be available as a Raid boss between December 18 and January 15, 2019. That means that players can battle Heatran during the entirety of this month’s Holiday event, which also begins later today. The Holiday Event will come with a ton of limited time bonuses and a few new “Gen 4” Pokemon like Snover and Croagunk.

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