Lucky Friends 2019 already appear in the AppStore

Lucky Friends

Attention coaches!

The new updates have already reached Android and iOS (0.139.2 and 1.107.2 respectively). In a week full of information, the iOS AppStore finally reflects the news and tells what the new function will consist of:


  • Coaches with an unparalleled friendship will have the opportunity to become Lucky Friends.
  • Changes in the notification system and support for horizontal photos.
  • Correction of errors, texts and performance improvements.

It is not yet clear exactly how the Lucky Friends will work, but it is logical to think that it will increase (or ensure) the possibility of obtaining a Lucky Pokémon in the exchanges that take place between two coaches that meet this condition.

The introduction of this function could be an effective way to motivate players to maintain their friendship. Currently there is no element that invites players to continue sending gifts once they have reached the maximum friendship level; Well, this could change with the Lucky Friends, offering a juicy incentive to those players who continue to take care of their friends.

We recommend all players to continue opening and sending gifts, just in case (by chance) this mechanic had some kind of influence at the time of obtaining the title of Lucky Friends.

Good luck to all!

Written by ash

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