Legendary Sinnoh trio: Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit

Niantic has confirmed the arrival of these three ‘legendary Sinnoh trio’ creatures, the most emblematic of the mythology of the 4th generation. They appear separately.

Pokémon GO continues to expand its number of creatures available. After the irruption of the species of the Sinnoh region (the fourth generation) and a few of its Legendaries, Niantic has confirmed that it is now the turn of the Legendary trio of said territory, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit .

The three Pokémon, which have already begun to see in some territories of Japan, Europe and the United States, are not appearing together in the same place, but at least to date in North America is Azelf who is being seen in a way savaje; On the other hand, in Japan, Uxie is the chosen one. In our continent, Europe, the one that roams in an errant way is Mesprit.

Legendary Sinnoh Trio: The lake

The trio of the lake, as they are known in the Sinnoh region, represents one of the qualities of the human being; each of them embodies one of those values. In addition, each one is in one of the lakes: Uxie in the Agudeza Lake ; Mesprit in the Veraz Lake ; and Azelf at Lago Valor .

In addition, in the Mystery Pokémon World saga , specifically in the second installment (Explorers of Time / Darkness / Sky) his role was fundamental to be responsible for protecting the gears of time in Lake Velado ( Uxie ), Subterráneo ( Mesprit ) and Crystal ( Azelf ).

Who knows if in a possible remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl , the following candidates to have a remake given that the last ones were the third generation (Ruby and Sapphire), let’s see again the trio of the lake. The next appointment with the saga has name, surnames and launch window: Pokémon Sword and Shield , at the end of 2019 in Nintendo Switch .

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