Legendary pokemons could assault Pokémon Go

A group of data miners from Pokémon Go leaked a curious image of the popular game where you can watch the “3 Regis de Hoenn”.

The Pokémon Go video game has been characterized in that its developers constantly work on events that keep coaches active. Recently, more surprises were speculated and that included the arrival of new legendary pokemones that will surely cause madness among fans.

The American software development company, Niantic, said days ago that it wants to keep the Pokémon trainers who use their mobiles happy to capture the little creatures. The comment gave rise to more speculations related to a group of legendary creatures that will be available soon will return to the game soon.

The “3 Regis de Hoenn”

Through social networks, a group of data miners from Pokémon Go leaked a curious image of the popular game where you can see the “3 Regis de Hoenn” with models very similar to the aesthetics used in the Niantic video game.

Regirock, Regice and Registeel appear in the image with a different background than the one observed during their first appearance of Pokémon Go.

The PokeMiners, a community that follows the Pokémon, also shared a reference to a possible new badge for global ticket events.

So far, Niantic has not confirmed any information in this regard. But the experts in the game give as a fact the return of the Regis to the game of Pokémon Go.

Giratina arrives this month

What is confirmed is that “Giratina” will soon be available in its Shiny version and also in its variocolor version and you can only catch it during October.

The Niantic game is at its best after the debut month in August 2016, and since the study they do not intend to stop supporting a phenomenon that has only just begun.

Pokémon Go is available for iOS and Android phones, and currently, this version for mobile devices has become the most popular game that The Pokémon Company has released.

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