Legendary Pokémon you can pay to be the first to catch it

Are you a Pokémon GO trainer and want to capture all the pocket creatures? Then pay attention: soon a legendary will arrive in the game world for iPhone and Android. The interesting thing is that you can catch it before its official premiere if you are willing to pay.

Through a blog post , Niantic announced A Colossal Discovery, a new Pokémon GO story event that will focus on Regigigas, the legendary creature of SInnoh. Players participating in this story will be able to complete a series of missions to catch this colossal creature before it reaches the EX Raids sometime in November.

But how can you participate in this story? You must wait until 11:00 AM of your local time, from November 2 to buy your ticket ($ 7.99 USD) and be able to start to complete the story. It is worth mentioning that the event will end the same day at 7:00 PM.

It is important to note that in exchange for the access fee to the event you will also receive other items, such as the A Colossal Discovery medal, as well as a Unova stone and another SInnoh. You will also receive an exclusive avatar pose and the possibility of obtaining up to 10 Raid Passes by rotating the disc of different Poképaradas. Keep in mind that you can only load one Raid Pass at a time.

An important detail is that from November 1st to 4th Regirock, Regice and Registell will return to the 5 star Raids. It will also increase the rate of appearance of Geodude, Magnemite, Swinub, Aron and Spheal, while creatures such as Aerodactyl, Shuckle, Sneasel, Skarmory, Snorunt and Beldum will hatch from eggs. Finally, you will have the possibility to catch the shiny versions of Skarmory, Regirock, Regice or Registeel.

And you, will you pay to have Regigigas before your friends? Tell us in the comments.

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