Leafeon and Glaceon: How to evolve Eevee

Leafeon and Glaceon: The arrival of the new modules to the Niantic game allows access to the two evolutions of the Sinnoh region of the well-known Kanto Pokémon.

Pokémon GO has received during these last days a new wave of species of the region of Sinnoh . Pokémon such as Gible, Cherubi or Hippopotas can already be captured in their wild form, although the best comes from the new Bait Modules , which allow us to finally access Leafeon and Glaceon , the two evolutions of Eevee discovered in Sinnoh.

How to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon: Mossy and Glacier Module

In total, Niantic has added three Bait Modules: Glacier, Mossy and Magnetic to the Pokémon GO internal store (at a price of 200 Pokémon).

While the last one, which attracts Pokémon of electric type, steel and rock, allows us to evolve to Magneton and Nosepass to Magnezone and Probopass, the other two are what we need to buy to get the new eevolutions .

  • Glacial Bait Module : when you have your module, activate it with a Poképarada and turn the photodisk. Then evolve your Eevee to Glaceon (you need 25 candies). This module attracts wild Pokémon of water and ice type.
  • Mossy Bait Module : once you have this module, activate it next to a Poképarada and turn your photodisk. That done, evolve your Eevee to Leafeon (you need 25 candies). This module attracts wild type Pokémon, plant and poison.

Trick: change name to Rea and Linnea

Pokemon GO Leafeon Glaceon
Pokemon GO – Leafeon and Glaceon

As with the rest of Eevee’s evolutions, the first time it is possible to avoid all the previous steps; just put the following nicknames to our Eevee: Rea and Linnea.

If you access your Eevee and give it the nickname Rea , as it evolves (if you already have 25 candies) it will become Glaceon . If instead you put the nickname Linnea , the evolution will result in a Leafeon . We insist: it is only valid for one occasion.

We take this opportunity to remember that Lapras Day will take place next May 25, during 3 hours with raids where we can use up to 5 passes completely free. In this article we tell you everything.

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