Lapras stars in an extraordinary raid on May 25 , 2019

Lapras stars in a raid. Thanks to the week of extraordinary raid, Lapras Day will take place on May 25th. That day there will be raids of this Pokémon for 3 hours and we will be able to use up to 5 free passes.

Although the Detective Pikachu event ends tomorrow , this weekend we will enjoy the Community Day of May in Pokémon GO. A few days after the event, it has already been confirmed that Blaziken will learn Igneous Ring as an exclusive movement when evolving to Torchic during the event or the time after. Of course, you can get the shiny version of said Pokémon. This will join the list of Pokémon shiny May 201 9 available in the augmented reality game.

As if that were not enough, Niantic has already prepared a new event for next week, neither more nor less than the week of extraordinary incursion . Can you imagine what is the highlight of the event? Indeed, there will be twice as many raids each day and during May 22 there will be even more.

As if that were not enough, on May 25 will be the Day of Lapras . Something that many coaches have been waiting for some time.

Lapras Day will be celebrated on May 25 in Pokémon GO

A similar event has already been held with each of the legendary birds and with Gengar . Lapras is a Pokémon complicated to get in large quantities in Pokémon GO. For this reason, having the possibility to get hold of several is a gift, especially if we take into account that its shiny version has been released and that during this event there will be more possibilities to get it.

From 11:00 to 14:00 there will be Lapras’s raids of in several gyms. We will have 3 hours to get all possible. The first 5 passes will be free,  from the sixth you will have to buy at the Pokémon GO store.

Remember that they do not all occur suddenly, but as you make an raid you get the pass for the next one when turning the photodisk of a Gym.

To get as many Lapras as possible, you have to have several extra saved passes. As well as a good team that can be formed by some of these Pokémon.

If you can be part of a good group of people you will be able to make the raids faster and so keep moving forward to have more chances of the shiny. Hopefully luck will smile on May 25 .

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Niantic announces extraordinary raid for a week

Niantic announces extraordinary raid for a week

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