Lapras raid Day on May 25: Get ready with the best opponents

Lapras raid Day: On May 25 we will have the opportunity to get a Lapras shiny. Meet the best rivals for the Lapras raid Day in Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon GO coaches are taking advantage of the extraordinary raid week,  where you can get interesting Pokémon in the raids. One of them, Bronzor , that appears in its variocolor version .

In level 5 raids Mesprit , one of the legendary Pokémon that is part of the Lake Trio, is maintained . These will be available until May 27 , from then  Cresselia, Groudon and Kyogre will return to the Pokémon GO raids. We will have the opportunity to make us with their shiny versions.

For that there are still a few days, however, this Saturday you can enjoy  Lapras raid Day , from 11:00 to 14:00.

Lapras raid Day Good rivals in Pokémon GO

Day. Do you want to make the most of incursions in the 3 hours that the event lasts? We have up to 5 free raid passes to get us with Lapras Shiny. Once they are finished, we will have to use premium passes for the rest of the event.

To beat Lapras quickly it is recommended to get together with a good group of people. If you have clear the route of gyms in which you will perform the raids will be much better, so you do not lose time deciding. The difficulty will not be very high, as it was during Gengar Day.  But there are never others to join together as it increases the chances that Lapras shiny appears in any of the mobile that have been part of the combat.

Having a good team can facilitate the task and defeat the Water type Pokémon before . These are some of the Pokémon we recommend to face Lapras:

Finally, in an event of this type it can be really profitable to use Huevos Suerte.  The points obtained by winning a raid are doubled. Given that they will perform at least 5 incursions and each one of them gives you 10,000 XP, it is a good opportunity to use it for each 20,000 XP incursion.

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