Jirachi would star in the Ultra Bonus event

Jirachi would star. Each time closer. Niantic would have revealed Jirachi’s debut in Pokémon GO through the Ultra Bonus event with this message.

Before the prompt arrival of shiny Suicune to Pokémon GO and the new Legendary Hour with Rayquaza, Niantic has begun to give the first clues of what will be the Ultra Bonus 2019 event in the augmented reality game, which could mean the long-awaited debut of Jirachi in the video game.

Jirachi is a unique steel and psychic type Pokémon that appeared as a surprise in Pokémon GO during the GO Fest that took place in Dortmund, as the users who attended this event had the opportunity to complete a special investigation that had this creature as a reward of the third generation.

However, users of Pokémon GO lost the trail to Jirachi , as Niantic added a new game mode, after the invasion of Team Rocket, who seized the pokemon next to the dark pokémon and started the battles between the “ coaches ”and the recruits of the evil group.

Now that users have completed all the global challenges and are waiting for the debut of shiny Suicune on Pokémon GO , Niantic has decided to announce the Ultra Bonus event with a mysterious message that recites the following:

If we decipher the message that Niantic has just published on the Pokémon GO Twitter , it is almost impossible not to relate it to Jirachi , since, according to the story of the anime, this third generation creature wakes up every 1000 years and can fulfill a wish for a week. In addition, it is based on a shooting star.

It is likely that the Ultra Bonus event mentioned by Niantic is due to a special investigation that will come to Pokémon GO , the same one that could have six or seven stages and would have as a reward the unique Pokémon Jirachi .

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