Jirachi the millenary lethargy, the 7 missions to capture it

Jirachi 7 Missions

Jirachi Niantic presents A millenary lethargy, seven challenges that we must overcome if we want to get the famous third generation singular.

After the visit of Suicune , a new legendary (singular, in this case) has wanted to say hello for Pokémon GO . We speak of Jirachi , one of the legendary of the third generation , that of Hoenn, which with a little (enough) luck we can capture during the next few days. It will not be easy, of course, because Niantic has designed a series of tasks he has called ” An ancient lethargy .” A total of seven missions with several objectives each one that we will have to overcome during these weeks if we really want to take on Jirachi, a very particular Pokémon of steel / psychic type .

Before leaving you with them, we remind you that there is already a date for the arrival of the fifth generation and that Jirachi is accompanied by all kinds of rewards for the new ultrabonus: Mewtwo shiny, Deoxys, Unown in eggs …

An ancient lethargy 1/7

  1. Catch 25 Pokémon: 1000 XP
  2. Tour 10 PokéParadas or Gym disks: meeting with Jigglypuff
  3. Make 3 new friends: meeting with Feebas


  • Bait Mossy Module x1
  • Glacier Bait Module x1
  • Magnetic Bait Module x1

An ancient lethargy 2/7

  1. Catch 3 Whismur: Whismur Candies x10
  2. Evolve a Feebas: 1500 XP
  3. Get the Gold Badge on the PokéDex Hoenn: 1500 XP


  • 2000 olvoestelar
  • Pokeballs x10
  • Incense x3

An ancient lethargy 3/7

  1. Take a picture of a Loudred: meeting with Snorlax
  2. Make 3 great pitches in a row: 2000 XP
  3. Win 3 candies walking with a Pokémon partner: 2000 XP


  • Silver Pineapple Berries x20
  • Star Piece x3
  • 2000 star dust

An ancient lethargy 4/7

  1. Capture 50 Pokémon of psychic or steel type: 2500 XP
  2. Increase power 10 times to your Pokemon: 2500 XP
  3. Send 10 gifts to friends: 2500 XP


  • Quick Attack MT x1
  • Attacked MT of Charge x1
  • Premium Raid Pass x1

An ancient lethargy 5/7

  1. Fight a gym leader 3 times
  2. Beat another coach 7 times: 3000 XP
  3. Complete 5 raids: 3000 XP


  • Weird Candy x2
  • Ultraballs x20
  • 3000 star dust

An ancient lethargy 6/7

  1. Take 5 pictures of Pokémon of psychic or steel type: encounter with Chimecho
  2. Make 3 excellent curved pitches: encounter with Bronzong
  3. Turn a Poké Stop 7 days in a row: 4000 XP


  • Silver Pinia Berries x10
  • Piece of Star x10
  • 5000 star dust

A millenary lethargy 7/7

  1. It’s time for the truth. Take your chance, because the seventh mission is … the encounter with Jirachi!

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