Jirachi Pokémon GO trainers respond in a Fun way to a Niantic teaser

Pokémon GO trainers have responded in a really fun way to the latest teaser from Niantic, the developer of the mobile game in the Nintendo saga. Said teaser has to do with the legendary Pokémon Jirachi

Jirachi, the Pokémon wish, has only been available to those who have attended a Pokémon GO Fest event this summer. However, this will change shortly, as everything seems to indicate that the Pokémon will be available to all coaches in a short time.

The most obvious teaser of Pokémon GO in a long time

On August 15, the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO shared an image in which a constellation can be seen, a constellation that draws the contours of Jirachi. The image is accompanied by 5 star icons, as you can see below.

The first image is already a fairly obvious clue, but the thing reached unsuspected limits with the publication of yesterday, August 19, in which they have drawn the silhouette and Jirachi can be distinguished perfectly.

The community has taken its most creative side

The Niantic teaser has been so obvious that many Pokémon GO trainers have decided to take their most creative side to make jokes with the message Niantic published yesterday. Below we leave some of the best responses to the developer’s tweet.

Being a game aimed at all ages, it is normal for Niantic to clarify its teasers a bit to generate excitement among the entire community of players.

At the moment, Jirachi does not have a specific appearance date in the game, but it would have to arrive within a very short time.

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