Jirachi Confirms its Arrival to Pokémon GO Fest Chicago in a special investigation

Last week we informed you that it had been discovered that new missions related to the singular Pokémon Jirachi were on the way. So far they have not confirmed what these challenges are, although taking into account that they are already in the code was a matter of time to be implemented. On the other hand, new movements were also found such as the Fairy Charm type movement . Also, it was shared that the game would also receive a new loading screen that will change color depending on the time of day on which we are. The last thing we knew is that dataminers recently found evidence that Jirachi would join the game soon and make his debut in the Pokémon GO Fest Chicago which takes place from June 13 to 16.

Well, the event started yesterday and it has finally been confirmed that Jirachi has reached Pokémon GO. These are the data that have been shared:

  • It is the third unique Pokémon in the game and, once again, it is presented as part of an event. It turns out that the leaks of Chrales on Twitter were true: those who attend the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago between June 13 and June 16 are the first to take over the Jirachi.
  • Like Mew and Celebi before, Jirachi will be available as part of a special investigation, where players must complete a series of objectives as part of a quest line based on a story (matching the way other unique Pokémon were cast in the past).
  • As happened with Celebi last year, it first appeared as part of GO Fest in Chicago, but is expected to appear in the game for everyone at some point in the future. However, unlike Celebi last year, it could take a little longer to arrive.

On the other hand, the steps of the mission that the attendees must perform in the GO Fest Chicago have also been shared:

  • Make three new friends.
  • Take photos of various creatures captured in different habitats throughout GO Fest.
  • Capture three Unown.
  • Exchange three creatures captured from more than 100 km away.
  • Take photos of Jirachi once captured.

You can see Jirachi in Pokémon GO below:

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