Pokémon GO and the PVP: what it implies and how it will affect the saga

The application of Niantic will introduce the battles between players after more than two years of waiting. We evaluate the changes that these will imply in the title.

The arrival of the PVP mode to Pokémon GO at the end of this year 2018 is a promise that Niantic already anticipated months ago . However, the failure to specify a clear date for this expected addition did not invite to be very optimistic about what is about to happen, and that real battles between users of the application will be a reality in a matter of weeks or days .

The timing of traditional fights does not seem to be a coincidence. Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu / Eevee have only started their journey in the market – and in what way – in Nintendo Switch , and they have done it with a much simplified system in terms of options regarding the license in these last generations by eliminating objects or passive skills from the equation.

Pokémon GO

The risk of coming to resemble … too much

This democratization of mechanics so that all players can start in the bases of Pokémon with the incentive that they only have to worry about a little more than 150 species are also rules that will internalize many of the millions of players that come from Pokémon GO and enter for the first time in a more traditional experience.

Therefore, it is logical and almost obvious that the PVP of the app will be very similar to the combat system of Let’s Go, with its certain limitations and particularities.

Pokémon GO

One of them is the absence of levels: in Pokémon GO we only have PCs, combat points, along with the well-known normal and special attacks. To date, the mechanics barely allowed the participation of the player in gyms; we only had to be aware of touching the screen again and again until the bar of the special movement was loaded. More passive than active, however. Luckily, resistances and weaknesses were taken into account, so there was a certain strategic element beyond the brute force of the species in question.

Metagame and repercussion

In case of having them -which does not have to be a launching but a time later-, a competitive scene or, at least, a metagame would be born de facto . Even without the need for 2v2 that metagame will occur at the time when the current Pokédex GO Pokémon has more than 400 species with IVs in each of them. No two species are the same; not so much for the points of power but for its mere genetics.

There will be those who conform only to fight, accumulate medals, achievements and other gifts such as objections and experience points that we will take just to participate. It can not be a mandatory element to advance, but there must be reasons to want to participate in PVP matches, otherwise it would be a complete failure. Just as the raids changed the DNA of the title up and down, just as the arrival of friends made the experience more social than ever, with exchanges as the icing on the cake, the next step to make Pokémon GO stop being an app to become a video game was not another but this one.

Pokémon Lets GO
Pokémon Let’s Go

The importance of this new feature for the app is quite an oxygen pump for the game, but removing barriers between Pokémon GO and the main saga may also set a bad precedent for the titles that will come out from now on Nintendo Switch if you do not calibrate properly. Junichi Masuda , in a recent interview, has stated that his intention is to continue making PoGo and console video games interconnect , at least as they have done this time with Pokémon Let’s Go with their irreversible exchange of species.

The problem of PVP in Pokémon GO is that it can subtract motives to buy console games because this new functionality fulfills the desire to want “something more” in those who perceived the obvious shortcomings of an application that, after two years of life and more of 750 million users , still did not allow us to fight. It is understandable that they have taken it calmly, incidentally, to be living their best moment this last quarter thanks to Community Days and raids.

Pokémon GO

What, how and when

Our desire, by way of conclusion, is that those gyms that have also shown themselves as a teaser correctly establish a differentiation between those who have macerated teams for months and those who only play a couple of times a week. It is a success that three types have been distinguished: Great League (maximum 1500 CP), Ultra League(maximum 2500 CP) and Master League (no CP limit). There will be those who want to test those perfect creatures they have in their power; others simply want to try their luck and have fun with friends or strangers.

We hope to be able to leave doubts soon and know if the PVP will be limited to gyms or if you can fight anywhere and at any time. Niantic has in his hand a diamond in the rough that, if they know how to explode, we can be on the verge of a new superlative impulse for the more and more complete Pokémon GO.

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