The Pokémon GO account for Japan confirms that Rayquaza will not arrive in its variocolor form to the next special raid

As we already informed you in a previous opportunity, this weekend the special Pokémon GO raid will be centered on the popular legendary Pokémon Rayquaza , although unfortunately we do not have all the information we would like about the event.

A little more than a week after the start of the raid on Friday, March 15, Niantic has not yet confirmed whether Rayquaza will appear in his variocolor form or not, which has puzzled many players. However, in the announcement of the official Pokémon GO account in Japan it has been clearly specified that Rayquaza will not be available in its variocolor form during the special raid.

You can check the difference in both tweets below:

https : // twitter . com / PokemonGoApp / status / 1103400303263666177

https : // twitter . com / PokemonGOAppJP / status / 1103400433656229888

This is probably due to the fact that in the previous raid the streets around a gymnasium in Tokyo were filled with players  who had the intention of capturing a Latias in its variocolor version, after the word got out that it was for that zone. This activity was the object of criticism in Japan that condemned the obstruction of the streets and even the passage of vehicles, although there was no problem.

Comments on the new Niantic tweet confirming that this time  Rayquaza will  not appear in its variocolor form at least in Japan, shows the disappointment in many of the players interested in the event. On the other hand, some fans understand that this type of activities should be done with more time than just a weekend, and in less traveled areas, thinking about the demand that the variocolor Pokémon have .

For now we can not assure that Rayquaza does not arrive in his variocolor form in other territories during the next special incursion. The developer has certainly left the door open in the official announcement and it is possible that next week, days after the start of the event, we have more details about it.

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