Pokémon GO: fans laugh with disgusting Diglett cosplay made by Asian [PHOTOS]

It will make you smile. The fans of Pokémon GO have not been able to hold the laugh, after seeing the terrible cosplay of  Diglett that a young Asian made.

ou have to see it. A big surprise generated among fans of Pokémon GO that a young Asian, famous for his low-budget cosplay , decided to disguise himself as Diglett , the mysterious pokemon mole that hides his body under the ground and nobody knows what it really is like.

While the majority of   ‘famous’ cosplayers tend to spend a lot of money to make a costume similar to the character they are going to disguise, and even some painful surgeries are done to look the same; This young Asian breaks all paradigms and shows a peculiar disguise that has captivated the entire network.

The name of this  cosplayer  that causes a sensation in  social networks , especially among fans of Pokémon GO , is Anucha Saengchart , better known as ‘Lowcostcosplay’ or simply the Asian of low budget costumes.

This young man recently posted on Facebook a series of photos that shows his transformation to become  Diglett , something that made laugh the thousands of fans of Pokémon GO who highlighted his talent.

If you want to see this curious cosplay that has captivated thousands of people, especially the fans of Pokémon GO , then do not hesitate to check our gallery, by sliding the main image to the left.

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