Pokémon GO: The imposible method was revealed to catch Smeargle

Pokémon GO

‘ Pokémon GO ‘ seems to begin to account with users in regard to their pending Pokémon because, a few days ago we had the event in which Clamperl  and its evolutions were finally released , now it’s his turn to Smeargle , who, to date, was the only second-generation Pokémon that could not be obtained in any way. And for that, as was predicted, it has been released in the Niantic app  through the new Snaphotos feature , in which you can take pictures of your Pokémon with what, randomly, you can find Smeargle . We tell you how: 

1) You will have to have the latest update of ‘ Pokémon GO ‘, both on iOS and Android. 

2) Open the app and when it is loaded enter the object menu. Select the Camera and choose a Pokémon.


2.1) You can also do it by entering the profile of the Pokémon and selecting the camera there in the upper right corner. 

3) Make several pictures of the Pokémon with the RA increased. 

4) When you have made several, click on the icon with the arrow in the upper left corner. 

5) Check all the photos to see if Smeargle comes out in any. If not, repeat the process. 

6) When it comes out, click on the photo. In this way, Smeargle  will appear on the map. 

7) Catch it like a normal Pokémon. Once this is done, keep in mind a couple of things and is that Smeargle  will have the same attacks as the Pokémon that you have used to make the photo, so if you want it with a specific attack, choose the model well. In the same way, once you capture it, a new badge will be unlocked with which you can add 1 point for each match, being the bronze of 10, the silver of 50 and the gold of 200 encounters with Smeargle  in ‘ Pokémon GO ‘

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