Pokémon GO will add a photo feature: GO Snapshot

Niantic will update your iPhone and Android app to take augmented reality photos of all the Pokémon that the player has in different poses.

Pokémon GO players will be able to take their Pokémon out of the Poké Ball anywhere on the street to take photos in augmented reality thanks to a new feature announced by Niantic, GO Snapshot.

The developers of the game for iPhone and Android have explained that this feature will arrive “soon” and can be accessed through a camera that will appear in the bag of objects, or looking for a specific Pokémon.

Its use, in principle, is simple. When we open the camera, we will select a Pokémon and we will have to launch the Poké Ball touching on the screen the place of the stage (a street, a table, whatever we focus with our camera) that we prefer. Once placed the creature in the desired place, we can move around to make the photo that we like. Sometimes, the Pokémon will be distracted and looking at other directions, but we can touch it to pay attention.

Photographs will be stored in the device memory, and can be shared through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook from the same Niantic application.

In other news about Pokémon GO, until March 4 you can get the variocolor version of the unique Pokémon Meltan . To do this, you have to connect the app to Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee / Pikachu of Nintendo Switch and exchange a Pokémon with this game to get the Mystery Box ; activating that object will make Meltan appear in the next 30 minutes, and it can be activated once every three days until this event ends.

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