How To perfom The trick of fast captures on Android

One of the things that all the players of Pokémon GO usually complain about is mainly their waiting time, since the game usually has long animations both when it comes to throwing our Poké Balls, and for the evolutions of our Pokémon, but They have discovered a trick that could change this.

Here we tell you how to perform the trick of the fast captures in Android for Pokémon GO, so that you do not have to wait in the moments that we need to speed things up, such as Community Days or in some special events .

How to perform the trick of the fast captures in Android

The first thing to mention is that this trick can only be performed on Android devices , it can not be done on mobile phones that have an iOS operating system , so if you have an  Apple smartphone , do not bother trying.

The trick is quite simple and will allow us to skip the animation of capturing the wild Pokémon in a fast way, it is not necessary to make a strange combination of buttons as it did with other tricks we have seen previously.

These are the steps you must follow to do the trick in Android:

  1. Start an encounter with a Pokémon.
  2. Launch the Poké Ball.
  3. As soon as it hits the Pokémon, press the back button.
  4. If we have done well, we will return to the map and the Pokémon should already be in your collection, if we have managed to catch it.

So here is our guide on how to do the trick of the fast captures in Android for Pokémon GO. You can also check our other guide as  all the research and rewards tasks in July 2019 ,  how to capture Smeargle , all the keys of the week of adventuresor  how to get to Meltan Shiny .

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