How to get yourself a Shiny Blastoise

How to get a brilliant Blastoise

In essence, we have a double feature of Community Day in ‘Pokémon GO‘ this month. Yesterday, we had a three-hour window for Articuno’s raids to get the chance for the legendary to be brilliant, today we have the third and last Gen 1 opener as the centerpiece of today’s community day, squirt.

Pokémon GO today

As for the special features of Community day, this is a very good one. Blastoises evolved will learn Hydro Cannon as a special move today, which is a solid load movement, and the overall bonus for the three hour window (starting at 11 PT in the U.S.) It’s 1/4 egg hatching distance, so you can hatch a lot of eggs while you’re catching squirting everywhere on Pokémon GO today.

But as always, the real prize of the day is to try to assure you not only a Blastoise with hydro cannon, but a brilliant Blastoise with hydro cannon. If you have pursued the last two initiators, you can have a complete set of Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, which is definitely something to brag about.

The problem? How te get a Shiny Blastoise… stinks.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how else to say it. Unlike Charizard, which has an incredible black and red color, or Venusaur with its flower of another color, the brilliant Blastoise (and Squirte and Wartortle) are hardly distinguished from their non-glossy counterparts. They are a little lighter in blue, and their shell could be a little greener. But that’s it. The bright version is in the image above, and yet if you have no idea, I do not blame you. Instead, you’re going to have to look for the flashes around it, which will be the best clue.

As to how to get one? It’s a number game, as usual. It should be easier to find that Articuno brilliant yesterday because it doesn’t need to be fought and caught in a raid, and instead you can only grow squirting all day.

Get those three-hour lures if you want to camp in a Pokestop. And community Day is always the best time to use incense, as there will also be more Pokémon featured there.


The rate of appearance of shines during Community day is between 3-5%, in other words, 1 in 20 or 1 in ~ 35. The captures of squirt should give you a brilliant that you can turn into a Blastoise. Obviously, sometimes you get lucky and you can catch 100 without seeing a bright, but if you grow enough, hopefully you can win one or two at least three hours. I wouldn’t develop your Blastoise until almost the end so you could use your brightest IV to do it. Oh, and I almost forgot, this is also the day you can get a squirt with sunglasses, which will actually become a Blastoise with sunglasses, so see if you can choose the perfect duo of a brilliant Blastoise and glasses.

It is possible that squirting is not the most exciting Pokémon in three generations of launches these days, but a brilliant Blastoise to complete your ensemble is essential regardless of its bad coloration. And with Hydro Cannon, Blastoise is a decent option to confront some legendary like Moltres (probably the next reward of going Fest) or Entei in the future.

Happy hunting, and I hope you have some decent luck and you can assure yourself a bright or three

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