How to get all the variants of Alola, variocolor included (July 2019)

If you are a good trainer you are sure to get all the forms of Alola in Pokémon GO , and we will give you a list of all you can find now and how.

The Alola forms have been in Pokémon GO for some time , but the biggest difficulty is that each of the creatures that have these forms are obtained in a different way, and it is something that you should always have in mind to complete all your pokedex . In this guide we focus on telling you how to get all Alola forms of Pokémon GO to July 2019 , so you have the most up-to-date information possible.

In addition, as part of the celebrations of the third year of availability of Pokémon GO, Niantic has included variations variocolor of some forms Alola that we must also take into account. 

Pokémon GO: how to get all the Alola, Shiny variants included (July 2019)

Pokémon GO

We offer you a list of all the Alola forms that you can currently find in Pokémon GO, and how to get each of them:

  • Exeggutor: you can find it now in nature as a rare encounter.
  • Vulpix: when hatching a 7 km egg, random.
  • Ninetails: when hatching an egg and random output. You can also get it sometimes when Vulpix evolves.
  • Grimer: when hatching a 7 km egg, random.
  • Muk: evolving to Grimer or random at hatching eggs.
  • Meowth: Random when hatching an egg of 7 or 10 km.
  • Persian: sometimes it appears when evolving Meowth, or when hatching an egg of 10 km.
  • Sandhrew: I could leave you to hatch 7 km eggs
  • Sandslash: sometimes evolving Sandshrew.
  • Rattata: rare encounter in nature
  • Ratticate: sometimes evolving to Rattata
  • Geodude: as a rare encounter in special events like the Pokemon Go FEST. Chance of rare encounter.
  • Graveler: sometimes evolving to Geodude.
  • Golem: sometimes as an evolution of Graveler
  • Diglett: as a rare encounter in special events like Pokémon GO FEST. Chance of rare encounter.
  • Dugtrio: sometimes after making the evolution of Diglett.
  • Marowak: I could leave when evolving from Cubone
  • Raichu: sometimes when hatching eggs of 7 km
  • Black Rattata and Black Ratticate: as I find it very rare in nature.

As you can see, many Pokémon with Alola appear from eggs of 7 km, which if you remember can only be obtained as gifts.

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