Niantic shares a strange Pokémon GO advance on Twitter

Here comes a strange message from the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO . Through it, Niantic has made something somewhat strange.

It is a short video with a red exclamation point and background trees . It is unknown what can be treated, although some speculate with the possibility that it is a new type of interaction with the Pokémon or something related to the RA.

We leave you with the tweet:

https : // twitter . com / PokemonGOespana / status / 1068489885164756998

What do you think? What do you think it will be about? We recommend you stay tuned to your Twitter account, as it seems that more progress will be shared periodically:

https : // twitter . com / PokemonGoApp / status / 1068505004569489410

Written by ash

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