How to Capture Cresselia shiny with these pokémon and attacks

Users of Pokémon GO go to the raids to face Cresselia and have the option to register it in shiny. Meet the best attackers and movements .

Azelf is no longer a level 5 raid boss in Pokémon GO . This is because Niantic updated the game again with the return of Cresselia , who will be in the raids of the game and can be defeated with this list of pokémon and movements.

This return of  Cresselia  is very important for users of  Pokémon GO, since it will be the first legendary of the Sinnoh region , an island inhabited by the fourth generation of pokémon , which can be registered in the augmented reality game in its shiny appearance.

Cresselia heads the first phase of the new Pokémon GO event that will be activated until the end of July, as next to this legendary fourth generation come back Kyogre and Groudon, who have been the most sought after because their shiny appearance is already activated in the augmented reality game.

This legendary fourth generation will be the new level 5 raid boss in Pokémon GO . In addition, it is psychic and its most outstanding statistics are defense and attack so you will need at least 7 people to beat Cresselia .


In order to defeat this legendary, your team must be composed of pokemon type ghost, sinister and bug, the first being the best option to cause the greatest amount of damage to Cresselia and get more Honor Balls and register it with its shiny appearance in Pokémon GO. Next, I present the list of best counters and attacks.

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