How to update to the latest version of Pokémon GO on Android and what is the use of it

Pokémon GO is one of the most popular mobile games on the market. The star work of Niantic does not stop adding new content with the passage of time to maintain its great mass of players, such as its event entitled ‘Lunch time with Legendary’ or the special event to celebrate the equinox . At Andro4all we explain how to update to the latest version of Pokémon GO on Android and what is the use of it .

The game based on Nintendo’s popular pockemonster franchise constantly releases updates for both Android and iOS devices . In order to install these official patches, you just have to carry out a series of small steps. To download the updates for Pokémon GO users have two options .

The first one is through the notifications of the game itself , which only need to press the notification to download the update. Another option, a little more complex, is to go to Google Play Store and enter the section My apps and games and then click on the Installed tab .

Pokémon GO corrects errors through its updates

To verify that you have the latest version of the title, you just have to start the game . At that moment, in the work of Niantic you can see the version number at the bottom of the page in the Configuration and General Menu section .

Having the latest update of Pokémon GO serves to better enjoy the gaming experience , since the vast majority provide a series of bug fixes to achieve a more fluid gameplay .

For example, the latest update to the Nintendo mobile game, number 0.137.2, has incorporated a series of minor fixes . An update that has 42MB and it is already available for both iOS and Android .

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