Harry Potter version like Pokémon Go is about to be released

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one of the most anticipated games of the years for mobile, because it is developed by Niantic , the creators of Pokémon Go , and from this June 21 will be available for iOS and Android devices.

The launch, however, will be staggered and will not reach all regions of the world soon. It will begin in the United Kingdom and the United States and its concept will be similar to Pokémon Go , which combines augmented reality with real life sites and monuments.

Although the relationship with the game of pocket monsters is evident, it is worth mentioning that the type of game and the mechanics will be very different from those presented in Pokémon Go.

The geolocation will be an aspect that will remain in this title that translates the universe conceived by JK Rowling to augmented reality. From this resource the user will be located on the map of the game where there will be places equivalent to the PokéStop.

n addition, there will also be elements of the magical world such as personalization and improvement of abilities, levels and spells , as well as objects and references to the films of Fantastic Animals and Where to Find them.

Unlike Pokémon Go , in this case there seems to be a narrative in the game, which is based on a tragedy that took place in the magical world that caused artifacts, people and memories to appear in the Muggle world .

“Your trip begins enlisting in the special forces of the Statute of Secrecy, created by the Ministry of Magic and the International Federation of Magicians with the purpose of investigating and containing the tragedy “, is narrated in the promotional message of the video game.

Among some of the features that are known about this game are that you can select different magical professions in which users can specialize as aurors , magizoólogos and also professors.

Although the number of magical creatures has not been confirmed, it is known that there will be challenges and multiplayer battles in real time against enemies like Death Eaters or werewolves. Both aspects were not implemented at the start of Pokémon Go and was something that users asked for a long time since its launch.

The download of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be free, but it will be based on a business model with microtransactions , which means that players must pay to obtain different resources that benefit them in their game.

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