Harry Potter App Now Available to Download the ‘Pokémon Go’ Beta

If the Niantic team can boast of anything, it’s the success that it obtained with ‘Pokémon GO’ , that game that forces us to go out to capture the creatures. Repeat the same formula, but changing themes and protagonists, has resulted in the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , delivery that we had the opportunity to test before its release .

The latest installment of the Californian company is now available in beta , with a weight of 55.95 MB and compatibility for all those devices running Android 5.0 and up.

A ‘Pokémon GO’, but from Harry Potter

Harry Potter Android

The objective of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is practically the same as ‘Pokémon GO’move and move until you find the desired creatures . As our Xataka colleagues tell us, we find strengths that come to replace gyms, inns that act as Pokeparadas, a system of struggle through gestures that cast spells …

One of the main benefits of the game is that it is denser than ‘Pokémon GO’ . The combat system is something more frenetic, tasks, missions, objects to collect and actions are more extensive, and from the beginning we have elements that remind us of the complete saga. As in Pokémon GO, we can open the camera so that the creatures appear in front of us, although we can ignore this option and let them load the game’s own textures.The beta version throws clues about what we will find in the game. It allows to realize the tutorial and to sail by the adjustments, but we did not find still playable content

In the beta version that we can download, we can open our way through the tutorial , and navigate through the settings menus to open our mouths about what we are going to know in the final version. However, the map still does not show us content , so it will not do us any good to go out on the street to hunt creatures, since there is still no content.

dHarry Potter: Wizards Unite will be a Free-to-play delivery , betting on a micropayment service for those users who want to resort to certain facilities. In this beta version we observed several possibilities, such as buying an anti-calamity kit for 5.49 euros, an advanced anti-calamity kit for 21.99 euros, the classic purchase of several coins for a few euros …

Despite the possibility of paying, Niantic promises that the game will be enjoyable without spending a single euro , leaving these micro-payments destined to those patients who are not patient enough to accelerate the game’s processes.

As we indicated, the game is already available in the New Zealand Google app store, so it should not take too long to reach the rest of European countries. However, from APKmirror we can now download this delivery in APK format , and start investigating what we will find in the final version.

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