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Niantic, creators of the successful augmented reality videogame, Pokémon Go, launched information and gifs through their social networks that show details about the new title set in the world of Harry Potter . Here all the details 

The magic world of Harry Potter returns . Niantic (creators of the popular Pokémon Go ) and Warner Bros. have published on their website information and gifs that provide more details about the new  Harry Potter Wizards Unite . The title will be released for iOS and Android in 2019, there is still no exact date but the developers are showing more and more news.

The augmented reality game will have a system similar to Pokémon Go , but with the addition of an RPG mechanics (such as group confrontations or creation of potions). Then, everything you need to know about this video game that will soon reach our cell phones: 

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▶ ︎ What is Harry Potter Wizard Unite about?

The ‘Pokémon Go of the magical world’ will have as starting point Calamity , this event produced that the magical creatures of the sagas of Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals appear in the muggle world (the world that does not know the magic) and mix , producing chaos and destruction.  

We show you a capture of a creature from the magical world of Harry Potter:

Video game

▶ ︎ Gameplay

As with Pokémon Go , before starting the adventure you will have to choose the class we want to belong to: Professor, Aura or Magizo. Once we choose we will be part of the Special Forces of the Statute of Secrecy. 

After we select our class, we will have the option of touring the city looking for inns to restore our energy to continue the game. This will work like the “pokeparadas” in Pokémon Go. As we tour the city, we will find portals to visit, these are interesting points of the world of Harry Potter.

 We show you what the Harry Potter Wizard Unite map will look like:

Video game

The people who download the game will have to go out to explore the city. In these you will find the  magic traces that were left by La Calamidad . They can be: memories, people, creatures or artifacts. 

▶ ︎ Random Events in Harry Potter Wizard Unite

Another important point in this game is that at different times the Harry Potter characters like Ron Weasley or Harry Potter himself will appear and we will have to help them.

We show you an image and a gif published by Warner that shows the encounter of a user with a magic trail:

Video game
Video game

Also,  Harry Potter Wizard Unite is not focused on the competition , as is Pokémon Go . However, there will also be events in which it will be necessary to be in a group, similar to the Pokémon augmented reality title raids. In the Harry Potter videogame they are known as Strengths. In them fights will take place with other users in real time against powerful enemies.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite will be available for iOS and Android and its worldwide launch will be for 2019, there is still no exact date. Its price has not been revealed. However, when Pokémon Go came out, it was free. 

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