Filtered the evolutionary methods of Leafeon- Glaceon- Probopass and Magnezone

Extract evolutionary objects from the Pokémon GO code

If you thought that in ‘ Pokémon GO ‘ we had enough with the Sinnoh Stone  to evolve our fourth generation Pokémon, you are very wrong, because during the last hours the data found by the dataminers  in the Niantic app  seems to have revealed new data in about the evolutionary method that four species will have: Leafeon , Glaceon , Probopass and Magnezone , which, we remind you, evolve by being in a certain place. And, apparently, the method they will use in ‘ Pokémon GO ‘ to emulate this will be through the use of baits. 

As we have said, the dataminers  have extracted new data from the source code of ‘ Pokémon GO ‘, finding in them three new objects:

Glacial Bait : Serves to attract Pokémon to those who like ice and to evolve certain Pokémon.

Musty Bait : With which to attract Pokémon according to the plants and to evolve certain Pokémon. 

Magnetic bait : Same as the previous two, but in this case centered on steel. 

As you can see, the three objects of ‘ Pokémon GO ‘ would be directly related to the 4 species already mentioned, in the same way that it seems that its use will not only be limited to function as an evolutionary object, but also serve to attract Pokemon from a certain species. And in cases like the Ice type, in some regions it can be a blessing. Similarly, it is unknown if you simply have to evolve these Pokémon under the influence of the baits or if, in the same way that happens with the others, it will be necessary to deliver a Sinnoh Stone . Time will tell. 

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