Fest Yokohama 2019 in Pokémon GO +VIDEO

Fest Yokohama 2019. At last the details of the next Pokémon GO Fest in Yokohama (Japan) 2019 have been announced. The event will take place in the Yamashita Park, the Rinko Park and the Akarenga Park from August 6 to 12, 2019.

EventPokémon GO Fest Yokohama 2019
Date + TimeAugust, 6 – 12, 201910 AM – 5 PM (local time)
LocationYokohama (Japan), Kanagawa PrefectureYamashita ParkRinko ParkAkarenga Park
DescriptionExplore the Pokémon habitats within the parks of Yokohama with thousands of Trainers from around the world. Attend the Pokémon GO Fest 2019 from Tuesday, August 6 through Monday, August 12. Every day they will offer the same enhanced experience, but you can only choose one.

Like Pokémon GO Fest Chicago and Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund, the Yokohama version will present a new set of special investigations, as well as unique challenges for those present that will influence the game globally. There will be no special battles against Raid Chiefs, as clarified in the official publication of the Japanese blog.

Participation is free, and will be done through a lottery system, with prior request. Niantic be accepting requests to participate from Wednesday June 19 from 8:00 am until Friday , June 28 (Friday) 8:00 am ! On June 29 (Saturday), Niantic will notify the winners if they were awarded in the raffle.

There are several Pokémon on the official cover, including Chatot , the regional Pokémon of the southern hemisphere:


Impressions on the Pikachu Outbreak of Yokohama 2017

This is not the first time that a large-scale Pokémon event has been held in Yokohama, since the 2017 Pikachu Outbreak was great. In 2017, Niantic shared the following data:

  • 2 million Pokemon GO fans attended the Pikachu Outbreak and related events during the 7 days of the event.
  • 120 million Pokemon were captured.
  • 15 million Pikachu were captured.

Mystic7 shared a video about this event:

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