Farfetch’d Evolution that never came out in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has become the most downloaded game on Android and iPhone devices of the Niantic company. Although he is also the creator of Harry Potter: Wizards United, which was not well received by his fans, the video game to catch the more than 500 creatures still enjoys a huge legion of followers.

While the 5th generation, known as Unova or Teselia gradually unfolds in Pokémon GO, Nintendo has recently revealed an evolution that, for many, has missed us. It’s about Farfetch’d.

After 20 years, finally the bird creature with a pore in its hand evolves. Without any stone, the wild duck now becomes Sirfetch’d.

The Pokémon will be exclusive to Pokémon Sword and will evolve after “experiencing many battles,” they explained. Although this does not rule out that this creature can reach Pokémon GO very soon or, who knows, in a special way.

One of the notable differences with its pre-evolution, which is of the Normal / Flying Type, is that Sirfetch’d will completely change the types and will be Fight Type, with the Impasible ability.

Sirfetch’d will have an exclusive movement called Star Assault. When using it, Sirfetch’d points his leek to his opponents and charges against them at high speed.

However, although Farfetch’d can already evolve, a question remains. What happened to that evolution that was years old and never appeared?

Not everyone knows these beta Pokémon that never appeared in video games, however they are official, since most have been present in demos of the first video games. This is the case of Madame, an evolution of Farfetch’d shown during the Pokémon Gold and Silver demo at the Spaceworld of 1997.

Farfetch’d could have evolved in Madame at level 24 (Madaamu in Japanese), but eventually the developers removed it from the final version of those versions and the duck-like Pokémon in the first generations could only be achieved by exchange. Madame was a kind of swan with a mask, carrying an already grown onion. His type was going to be the same as pre-evolution, normal and flying.

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