The best 7 Pokémons Cresselia fears to fight in Pokémon GO, #3 is the most feared

After the legendary Pokémon Giratina , the moment has come for Cresselia . It is a psychic creature introduced in the fourth generation, so you will need to have Pokémon of the bug, sinister and ghost type to kill him and capture him.

Now, not all Pokémon are equally valid to deal with Pokémon  Cresselia  in  Pokémon GO . Therefore, if you want to face this legendary success, keep reading, then, we are going to tell you which are the best Pokémon to fight against Cresselia in Pokémon GO .

The best Pokémon to fight against Cresselia in Pokémon GO

Take good note of the following Pokémon, then, thanks to their high effectiveness against the psychic types, they are confirmed as the best to deal with Cresselia  in  Pokémon GO :

  • Gengar : Litter and Shadow Ball
  • Mewtwo : Psicocorte and Bola Sombra
  • Tyranitar : Crush and Bite.
  • Weavile : Finta and Dirty Game
  • Banette : Umbria Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Absol : Alarido and Pulso Umbrío
  • Deoxys : Puya Nociva and Pulso Umbrío

During the raid, your team can have up to six Pokémon, so try to be composed of the ones we have named here. Once you have defeated Cresselia , you will have to capture him. Always try to launch a frambu berry lasted, it is easier to catch a Pokémon with the next release if a berry of this type has been used before. We remind you that Cresselia will be available in raids until next December 18th.

Now you know which are the best Pokémon to fight against Cresselia in Pokémon GO . If you need more help, you have at your disposal our  Pokémon GO guide , as well as our analysis of Pokémon GO to discover more about the title for Android and iOS .

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