Christmas event with new Shinny announced by Pokémon GO

Niantic has announced the start of the new Pokémon GO Christmas event . This will start on December 18 and will have many new features for players: bonus for playing the game, more incubation eggs available or even the possibility of finding more original Pokémon from the Sinnoh region . The event, the third that takes place since the game came to light, will once again have a special Pikachu dressed in a Santa Claus hat . In addition to this, Pokémon of ice type and Pokémon belonging to the fourth generation .

In addition to this, the promotional image of the event also shows us three legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh region : Azelf , Uxie , and Mesprit , letting them know that they could get to the game shortly . Niantic has also said that Delibird , the super rare ice Pokémon , will also be available during the celebration, as well as its Shinny version . Along with this, players may receive very different rewards depending on the days of the month in which they are playing. From December 18 to 22 , players will earn twice as much candyfor capturing and transferring Pokémon ; from the 22nd to the 26th , double the amount of stardust in the catches will be received; from 26 to 30 December players will receive double experience and December 30 to January 2 , the day the event ends, the incubators will be twice as effective.

Along with these great rewards, Niantic will also give a daily incubator to all players after they turn the photodisk of a Poképarada . They have taken advantage to warn that more Pokémon will be available in eggs of 7 km , being easier to obtain creatures like Smoochum or Azurill . As if this were not enough, Niantic will carry out a special raid event from December 14 to 17, prior to the Christmas celebration, where both Lugia and Ho-Oh will appear again in the gym battles, as well as their formsShinny .

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