Pokémon GO: All the rewards of Experience Points for friendship

We review all the benefits of improving the level of friendship with our friends in the Niantic title: experience, bonus and extra gifts.

Level up in Pokémon GO is a slow, very slow task; especially to reach Level 40 (20 million PX) . That is why today we tell you what are the experience bonuses for friendship , damage bonuses and other rewards to improve the level of friendship with our friends added in the title of Niantic .

The first thing to keep in mind is that, once we have added a friend to Pokémon GO, you can make a gift shipment once a day; likewise, your friend will only be able to send you a Gift once each calendar day … but it is worthwhile to reach the highest level, the one of “Friendship without equal”, because the reward is of no less than 100,000 experience points. Imagine that you do it with 10 friends, where we would talk about 1,000,000 points just for sending a Gift a day.

How to get gifts?

Pokémon GO: All the rewards of Experience Points for friendship

he simplest way to get Gifts in Pokémon GO is through the Poképaradas. Every time you go out and play the title, do not hesitate to turn all the Poképaradas to, if you’re lucky, get one of them. You can send a total of 10 a day, choose well!

Having said that, let’s get to know the different degrees of friendship , bonus of damage and bonus points of experience .

Experience Points for friendship

Pokémon GO: All the rewards of Experience Points for friendship


levelDamage bonusPX reward
Good friendship (1 day of friendship)3%3000 PX
Great friendship (7 days of friendship)5%10000 PX
Ultraamistad (30 days of friendship)7%50,000 PX
Unparalleled friendship (90 days of friendship)10%100,000 PX

Honor Ball Extra and Polvoestelar

Finally, to say that when we improve the level of friendship, the cost of Powderweedwill be reduced to complete an exchange, which will become practically free. Also, when improving level we will take an Honor Ball Extra .

levelExchange discountHonor Ball Extra
Good friendship (1 day of friendship)0% discount0
Great friendship (7 days of friendship)20% discountone
Ultraamistad (30 days of friendship)92% discounttwo
Unparalleled friendship (90 days of friendship)96% discount4

If you are going to play Pokémon GO this March, here we detail the 49 investigation missions in detail.

Pokémon GO: All the rewards of Experience Points for friendship

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