Everything in the Hoenn event in Pokémon GO

We can already enjoy the Hoenn event in Pokémon GO. Know everything that we will find until January 29 in the application of augmented reality.

After the event of Eclosionatón and the reign of Heatran , Niantic announced a new event that would take place from today until January 29 . We talked about the Hoenn event.

As mentioned in the official page of Pokémon GO , this event has as protagonists the Pokémon of the third generation. During these days we can find them in the wild much more often. But this is not the only thing that has changed. Here we leave you all modifications that have been made by the Hoenn event.

Pokémon in the wild at the Hoenn event

We already mentioned that the protagonists are the Pokémon of Hoenn and therefore we will find them everywhere during these days. What if Shroomish will have importance since evolving to Breloom will achieve the exclusive movement, Hierba Lazo.

As usual, two new shiny, Zigzagoon and Taillow have been included . Both can be caught in the wild.

Field research tasks with Hoenn Pokémon

The research tasks have not been very affected during this holiday. Only 3 new tasks have been introduced with Hoenn Pokémon in the rewards.

In such a way that the field research tasks of January 2019 , including that of Spinda , continue to be maintained . Now you can get your form number 5.

Hatching during the Hoenn event

As has happened with the research tasks, the hatching will also have the odd change. Now in the 7 KM Eggs there will be more chances of Hoenn Pokémon appearing .

Image of the hatching of 7 KM Eggs in the Hoenn event of Pokémon GO Hub

We remind you that in order to obtain the 7 KM Eggs it is necessary to open the gifts sent by our friends.

New leaders in the raids

It is possibly where the event has most affected. The incursions already needed a change of airs, for that reason, in the inferior levels we found Pokémon of the third generation like the initials in their first evolution, Lunatone, Solrock, Metagross, Absol among others.

As if that were not enough, considering that Heatran finished, they have brought back Kyogre and Groudon until January 29 . These two legendary Pokémon had previously been in Pokémon GO. However, for quite some time they were not seen, so it is a gift for coaches. Especially if we take into account that in the raids you can get the shiny version of both, both Groudon and Kyogre.

This is all that the new Hoenn event brings. On January 19 we already have appointment in the limited investigation of Feebas , another Pokémon of this region. In those 3 hours that the event lasts it will be possible to get in its shiny version.

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