Niantic talks about his plan for the future with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was launched in 2016 becoming a worldwide phenomenon , and although its popularity has decreased today the game continues to evolve and improve.

Matt Slemon from the developer studio Niantic talked at length with the Polygon team where they talked about the past, present and future of Pokémon Go .

Starting with the past, the study indicates that in 2018 they had two main objectives, one was to fulfill the original promise of the game and the other was to establish the bases to take a new direction.

They moved forward with the first goal by adding some features such as ” trading “, but the studio wanted more than just recreating the functions of the previous Pokémon titles.

Augmented reality

So that the original vision is almost fulfilled, Niantic is looking to innovate with a focus on Augmented Reality technology .

By 2019 the first great addition is Go Snapshot that evolves the existing AR + function by enhancing visual effects and making it easier to capture photographs with different creatures.

So for the future the idea is to add more features that are less traditional in the Pokémon series and that demonstrate what it really means to be in an Augmented Reality game in the real world.

No specific functions are mentioned, but the idea of ​​Niantic is long term since they expect to fulfill their vision in about five years with a plan that could be changing along the way.

Pokémon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

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