Event plus gifts in Pokémon GO: how to make the most of every day

Anyone who has signed in to Pokémon GO will have received a message of a new event that is preparing to reach everyone, and that is that Niantic is preparing an event from August 5 to 19 focused on gifts .

The hours, in this case for the Spanish area , will be the ones that have always been had for this type of event: it will begin on August 5 at 22:00 and end on August 19 at the same time; as you are used to, the end time is exact and once the clock marks that time everything will be terminated.

The event consists of the following characteristics:

  • All the eggs that are received in the gifts during the event will only need 2 km to hatch and will have the appearance of 2 km eggs, but do not worry. The Pokémonthat will hatch will be the ones that usually appear in the 7 km eggs, no matter where you hatch them and hatch, or if it is during or after the event.
  • During the event, the number of gifts you can open per day will increase to 30 and the maximum number you can take in the inventory will increase to 20.
  • And if you are lucky, you can even hatch with a Bonsly variocolor!

As you can see, Niantic has given many facilities, such as the possibility of continuing to hatch eggs from the event after finishing this or being able to open up to 30 gifts at most per day. Even the possibility of getting a Bonsly shiny , only to be able to do it with him if it is something exclusive to the event, so that at the end it will no longer be possible to hatch the event from eggs.

Pokemon GO  was recently rewarded by Japan by encouraging active life , so you can increase its fame thanks to  Rayquaza shiny in raids  available until September 2. As today is also Community Day with Ralts as the protagonist from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. – Spanish time-, we tell you how to get a Ralts with perfect IVs .

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