Pokémon GO: users can enjoy PvP if they have this level of coach

Niantic announces that users of this level will be the first to try the Trainer Encounters in Pokémon GO .

The Trainer Encounters are about to arrive to Pokémon GO , and that is that Niantic has given a news that has excited more than one user worldwide, regarding this new PvP mode , where they can battle with friends and other players.

Instantly we show the photographs of the scenarios filtered on social networks where coaches can challenge their team leaders and the new cargo image inspired by this new game mode of Pokémon GO .

On the other hand, users who follow the Pokémon GO account on Twitter have received excellent news from the creator of the augmented reality game, as it has revealed that users of a certain level will be the first to test the Trainer Encounters of the popular title.

This is not the first time Niantic has done this, since when the Sincroaventura option was announced, which allowed the coaches to accumulate kilometers to obtain rewards and hatch Eggs was activated regularly by levels.

According to the tweet, the Trainer Encounters will be released by stages in Pokémon GO , since it will be a form of test for the company and can correct errors later. The users that will be able to enjoy the PvP will be those that are at level 40 and as the hours or days pass from their launching, the other players will be able to be part of this new game mode.

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