Capturing Latias in Pokémon GO is now much easier

Pokémon GO is celebrating a new limited research task event starring Clamperl . In a week of special incursion, the team responsible for the star work of Niantic does not stop updating the application with new features that improve the use of the players. If recently the title based on the successful Nintendo franchise confirmed a statistical improvement for the Trainer Combats and a new function with which players can change teams once a year ; now the arrival of Latias to the raids has been announced .

The title for mobile devices, which already allows you to take pictures of your favorite Pokémon , has confirmed through an official statement that capturing Latias in Pokémon GO is now much easier . Niantic has announced that, until next March 1, players will be able to find a special raid challenge with the legendary Pokémon as the protagonist .

Latias is available to a limited extent in Pokémon GO raids . Until Friday, March 1, coaches will have an easier time capturing Latias. In addition, those who are lucky may also meet during this special week with a Latias variocolor .

Latios will have his own special raid week later

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