Eggs in Pokémon GO (April 2019): these are the pokémon that can hatch

We clarify the pokémon that can hatch from eggs in Pokémon GO to April 2019 so you know what possible creatures can appear with this procedure.

There are many ways to get creatures in Pokémon GO and one of them is hatching eggs under different distances. While a particular pokémon can come out against a greater distance traveled, you will never have absolute certainty of the type of Pokémon GO creature that can appear until the egg hatches.

For this we give you a list of possible pokémon that can appear when hatching eggs in Pokémon GO according to the distance traveled, with some basic concepts about this procedure that always comes in handy to clarify.

Eggs in Pokémon GO (April 2019): these are the pokémon that can hatch

Pokémon eggs GO

As you well know, you will receive eggs as a reward for spinning pokeparadas or for gifts from your friends. Thanks to the eggs you can get a series of showy or even rare creatures that are not so easy in nature.

We can find up to four types of eggs that differ by the distance that you must travel to hatch. In this way we have the eggs of 2, 5, 7 and 10 km .

But these eggs simply have them in the inventory will not hatch, and for this we must use an incubator . We have the normal incubator that is infinite and that is more thought to incubate eggs of 2 km. On the other hand we can acquire another type of incubators with a limited use to three eggs. We have a blue incubator that goes at normal speed and the Super purple incubator that goes 1.5 times faster.

Pokémon eggs GO

To incubate and hatch, you simply have to walk and walk. For this you can leave the game activated although that will consume more battery. Note that the game will only recognize the distance traveled if you are walking or under a very low speed vehicle such as a skateboard. Forget about hatching eggs using a car or a motorcycle.

Well, with all this clear, we only need to know what possible creatures can come out of the eggs of 2, 5, 7 and 10 km, and would be the following:

Pokemon that hatch from eggs 2 km

  • Bulbasaur    
  • Charmander    
  • Squirtle    
  • Open    
  • Machop        
  • Slowpoke    
  • Gastly    
  • Magikarp    
  • Chikorita    
  • Cyndaquil    
  • Nidoran F    
  • Totodile    
  • Wailmer    
  • Spoink        
  • Swablu    
  • Luvdisc        
  • Turtwig    
  • Chimchar    
  • Piplup    
  • Starly    
  • Kricketot

Pokemon that hatch from eggs of 5 km

  • Growlithe        
  • Poliwag    
  • Magnemite    
  • Onyx    
  • Lickitung    
  • Rhyhorn        
  • Tangela    
  • Horsea        
  • Scyther    
  • Eevee    
  • Yanma    
  • Pineco    
  • Gilgar    
  • Sneasel    
  • Houndour    
  • Phanpy    
  • Lotad    
  • Nosepass    
  • Electrike    
  • Carvanha        
  • Cacnea    
  • Lileep    
  • Anorith    
  • Duskull    
  • Snorunt    
  • Buizel        
  • Buneary    
  • Glameow        
  • Stunky    
  • Croagunk    
  • Snover    

Pokemon that hatch from eggs of 7 km (as part of players’ gifts)

  • Alolan Sandshrew    
  • Alolan Vulpix    
  • Alolan Diglett        
  • Alolan Meowth    
  • Alolan Geodude        
  • Alolan Grimer    
  • Pichu    
  • Cleffa        
  • Igglybuff        
  • Togepi    
  • Tyrogue    
  • Smoochum    
  • Elekid    
  • Magby    
  • Azurill    
  • Wynaut    
  • Budew    
  • Chingling    
  • Bonsly        
  • Happiny        
  • Munchlax    
  • Riolu    
  • Mantyke

Pokemon that hatch from eggs of 10 km

  • Porygon    
  • Aerodactyl    
  • Dratini    
  • Mareep    
  • Miltank        
  • Larvitar    
  • Ralts            
  • Slakoth    
  • Mawile        
  • Trapinch    
  • Feebas    
  • Absol        
  • Bagon    
  • Beldum    
  • Shinx    
  • Cranidos        
  • Shieldon        
  • Drifloon    
  • Riolu    
  • Skorupi

With this, you already know the Pokémon that appear from the different eggs in Pokémon GO, so that at least you have a clearer clue as to which creatures can come out. If you need more help, you have at your disposal our Pokémon GO guide , as well as our analysis of Pokémon GO to discover more about the title for Android and iOS, without forgetting all the research and reward tasks of Pokémon Go in the month of March. , how to capture Smeargle , guide for Community Day on April 13 or how to take advantage of the Fighting Challenge .

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