Earth Day Rewards in Pokémon GO and how to get them

Earth Day Rewards in Pokemon GO

The Earth Day rewards in Pokémon GO are now available, and there are still plenty of hours left for you to get them. We tell you what they are and how to get them before it’s too late.

From April 13 to 28 a new social ecological event was held in Pokémon GO where the user community has been invited to participate in different events worldwide to take care of our planet. According to the participation, Niantic would have prepared up to three reward levels for Pokémon GO, and after counting on the results we have very good news.

From now on you can get the best rewards for Earth Day 2019 in Pokémon GO , thanks to the massive participation of the public that has shown itself to be really committed to the environment.

These are all the rewards of Earth Day in Pokémon GO

It was required the participation of 7000 coaches for the maximum level of rewards, and finally there have been 14,000 people around the world who have participated in various events related to Earth Day 2019.

This means that Niantic has made available to all Pokémon GO coaches a series of rewards for several days, which you should not miss.

From now until the next May 2 at 10:00 pm Spanish peninsular night , you can go out and enjoy your Pokémon GO games with a series of extras that you should not miss:

  • Earth type Pokémon appear in nature more frequently
  • The percentage of appearance of a Diglett variocolor increases exponentially during the event
  • You can face the legendary Groudon in the level 5 raid battles
  • Double the rewards for stardust and candies for ground-type Pokémon

This way there are still two days left so you can go out to your favorite park and get each of these rewards.

It is a good opportunity for you to try to capture more earth-type Pokémon that you lack in the pokedex, and above all that you try to obtain that Diglett variocolor that you do not have yet in your collection.

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