Doesn’t Pokémon Go work? Check your smartphone now

Doesn’t Pokémon Go work? One of the games that have been consolidated among the exclusive ones for mobile devices is Pokémon Go.

The community that has this development is large and, most importantly, reliable and constant, so it is one of the essential in relation to Augmented Reality. We tell you how to know what happens if you have problems when using it.

The truth is that, in general, the stability of the application for iOS and Android is very good and the vast majority of players do not usually have problems executing it. But from time to time, it is possible that this is not the case and there are ways to quickly solve what happens and, also, to know if the problem is not really from your phone (and yes from the Niantic servers or from the application that gives failures with some configurations in particular).

Quick solutions to having problems in Pokémon Go

Generally, those who suffer when using the game we are talking about are due to the fact that some settings are not appropriate in the smartphone – or, directly, in the development itself. 

An example of what we say is that when you run Pokémon Go you do not have access to the locations , which prevents you from catching new creatures and moving around the map. 

This is arranged by activating the option in the configuration of the equipment and making sure that in the options of the development in the Adjustments of the operative system the permissions have been granted.

Another flaw that can be detected and that is easy to solve is the malfunction of the application -which offers jerks ( lag ) when it is usually not like that.

Here it has been demonstrated that the two best actions that can be carried out are to restart the development , since it is possible that a library is not loaded properly; or, failing that, without knowing it you are not running the latest version of the game, so it is advisable to proceed with the installation of this from Play Store.

Is it really a problem with your phone that Pokémon Go does not work?

Well it is possible that this is not the case, and that the problem that occurs when accessing the game -and that does not allow to start it completely- is that the servers that are accessed using the Internet are down. 

This can not be fixed, of course, but it is possible that you know if this is exactly what is happening. To get it, simply go to this link and you will see if there are faults with Pokémon Go (and, even, the regions affected regions).

Know the status of the servers in Pokémon Go

Finally, and this is not very common, you may suffer an error that affects the programming of the Pokémon Go application (which has been detected and, therefore, is in the process of being resolved). 

Knowing if this is what happens to you and, by extension, if you will be for a while without being able to play, it is not complicated since Niantic has published a website in which are listed the failures of this type that affect the game.

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