Do you want a Pokémon GO Event in your city? Tell Niantic

Pokémon, which is about to premiere in theaters its new movie Detective Pikachu , is still working to improve its mobile game. Pokémon GO, star work of Niantic , company that prepares the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , is one of the most popular games and has millions of followers around the world. The title recently announced the arrival of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf to regional raids , and now allows users to ask Niantic to place an event in their city .

Through the company’s website , users can take a look inside the Niantic headquarters , where the team responsible for live events study new strategies, which address issues ranging from coaches’ safety to climate changes and the cost of staying in a hotel when selecting a host city for such events . However, now the players themselves can propose their cities as alternatives .

For this, Pokémon GO players who think that their city has the perfect park to celebrate a Niantic event in real life should only nominate their city with the hashtag # NianticLive2020 on Twitter and Instagram. They can even send their proposals on the company’s own website through a simple questionnaire , which asks, for example, if the park allows the celebration of concerts and festivals.

You can nominate your city through social networks

But before nominating a city, users must take into account a series of fundamental criteria , such as if there is a large and leafy park with more than 20 or 40 hectares, if the park is in the center of the city, if it is a safe area, if it is allowed to hold festivals or if there is wireless connectivity or dates available to celebrate an event, among many other issues .

If you want your city to host a Pokémon GO event, this is a good opportunity for Niantic , responsible for the title, to take it into account . Of course, do not forget to be on alert while enjoying the mobile gamebased on the successful Nintendo franchise to avoid any danger and not to disturb others.

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